Keeping you operating during COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed how the world works, but you need to keep operating while ensuring your manufacturing facilities are safe. With ThingTrax Vision, you can do exactly that, in a cost-effective way.

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Enabling safe, efficient operations, no matter what the crisis

Deliver both operational continuity and keeping your workers safe, no matter what pandemic-related guidance you need to follow. ThingTrax Vision gives you the ability to see and monitor both your machinery and your workforce, to protect employees and support customers. All without significant capital expenditure.

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End-to-end view

From check-in to check-out, have complete visibility of the people and what they’re doing in your organisation

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AI-powered screening

Screen for COVID-19, other viruses and infections using AI enabled biometrics, thermal sensors and plug-and-play cameras

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Real-time monitoring

Monitor social distancing, PPE, heat-mapping and contract tracing in real-time with alerts

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Better security and safety

Improve your facility’s protection and keep your operators safe without compromising efficiency or productivity

Find out how you could make your existing facilities safer and more efficient

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Real-time heat maps

  • Identify abnormal or unexpected increases in temperature, whether it’s operators breaking social distancing or inefficient machines
  • Constantly monitor environment for temperature-sensitive processes, ensuring continuous quality throughout the manufacturing process
  • Enable remote management of machinery, sections, floors or even entire factories as required without risking operator safety
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Touch-free worker biometric screening system

  • Detect temperature changes and PPE use with thermal sensors, cameras and AI platform to automatically flag any infractions
  • Improve facility security through contactless authentication and ID verification through palm, facial recognition and NFC card reading
  • All powered by edge computing running multiple AI models to ensure fast decision-making and unimpeded operator assessment and entry
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Operator skill matrix

  • Build detailed profiles of operator roles and skills to better allocate available resources
  • Quickly identify team strengths and potential training gaps if employees are unable to work, even at short notice
  • Real-time alerts if a worker is insufficiently trained for their assigned job
  • Automatically associate operators to tasks with accurate costings
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Improve Labour Efficiency in all conditions

  • Operator scorecards help autonomously identify and categorise downtime if a worker is not seen in factory for more than 10 minutes to re-allocate available resources for maximum efficiency
  • Track quality and performance to get an accurate picture of what’s happening on the factory floor irrespective of workforce availability
  • Adapt to staff shortages by matching relevant operators with priority tasks
  • Get answers to scrap issues, waste and machine performance instantly, without waiting for employee input

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