Driving digitalisation for all parts of the automotive manufacturing industry

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Agile factories

With ThingTrax’s sensors, automotive manufacturers can spot issues, fix machinery and redeploy resources quickly. Gone are the days of staff waiting for production lines to be fixed; now, as soon as downtime occurs, workers can be moved to other parts of the factory in line with their training.

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Sustainability across the production line

Built-in energy management comes as standard, ensuring automotive manufacturers can identify consumption, address issues and reduce dependency on resources quickly.

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Embrace digital manufacturing

Drive productivity, reduce downtime and improve inventory planning by connecting machines and workers. This will allow automotive manufacturers to lay the foundation for smart manufacturing hubs, and unlock the opportunities of Real-Time Quality Management, Autonomous Shift Management and Autonomous Guided Vehicles.

Case Study

Helping an automotive parts manufacturer improve sustainability

The challenge

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As a manufacturer of plastic components for leading automotive brands, this factory needed to ensure that every part of its production was running at an optimum level. Old machines and high wastage meant it was spending a significant amount on energy, without driving productivity.

How we helped

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Using ThingTrax’s plug-and-play sensors and its Smart Manufacturing Platform, integrated with a new ERP solution and more energy efficient machines, the manufacturer can now identify where energy consumption is high, adjust the production accordingly and cut down on costs.

The result

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With energy consumption significantly reduced across the business, the manufacturer is well placed to see large savings, helping to improve their margins.

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