From a dumb unconnected factories to smart connected factories

Apr 06

We are living in a world that is witnessing fourth industrial revolution or “Industry 4.0” as it is commonly referred. After the third industrial revolution in 1960’s, people witnessed the beginning of a new era in technology which brought with it computerization and automation. Many industrial analysts agree that the manufacturing sector is going through another revolution i-e Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing companies now must become the new smart connected companies and update themselves from the dumb unconnected factories of the past, so they can stay ahead of the game. To do this, they are installing new smart manufacturing solutions such as ThingTrax.

Since its inception ThingTrax had one vision, reinvent how real-time data can be captured and analyzed from different industrial machinery, operations and motors irrespective of their age, type, size or location.

We wanted to come up with a universal solution to make current companies smarter without the need for installing unnecessary and costly equipment. ThingTrax devices can be installed on any kind of machinery within one hour. It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or SME, ThingTrax is based entirely on the Cloud (online) and connects wirelessly to capture real-time data. It gives you instant visibility on your equipment efficiency by collecting critical information about your factory shop floor.

Today we have customers in 5 countries with more than 300 machines monitored through our platform. Our platform analyses historical and real-time information to keep constant track of machine efficiency, predicted job completion times, energy efficiency, assisted planning and scheduling of jobs.

Key Features of ThingTrax Smart Manufacturing System

1. Plug and Play hardware

ThingTrax designed the device by keeping time factor in mind. We wanted to make a device that could be installed in less than an hour which could be connected wirelessly. Our hardware device captures data from equipment, machines, and operators in real-time.

2. Serverless Design

Our platform uses cutting edge technologies to ensure our client do not need to spend on any other IT infrastructure in the factory. Our device installs quickly and is self-sufficient which means that you don’t have to incur any new IT infrastructure or maintenance cost. ThingTrax device sends data directly to the cloud server saving time and long-term recurring cost for our clients.

3. Intuitive Web App

The ThingTrax platform works on your normal browser and can be accessed from any device whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop or Mac. ThingTrax solution has a concise web app which shows real-time OEE, Job planning dashboard, Energy dashboard, reports, and maintenance. Large manufacturing groups with multiple factories across the world can see real-time data on one portal.

4. Intelligent Job Planning and Scheduling

ThingTrax saw a huge opportunity to simplify the process of job planning and scheduling and make it data-driven. Managers had to go through a lot of steps from receiving an order to getting the job planned and scheduled. There were a lot of gaps in the process leading to inefficiency.

ThingTrax redesigned the whole process by integrating advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to plan and schedule jobs saving tons of time and cost.

5. Data Analysis Done Quickly

ThingTrax captures real-time data on a continuous basis, which means a lot of data to analyse. This huge amount of data is impossible for any human to analyze. Hence we focused on providing a solution that is continuously analyzing data to give actionable insight to stakeholders so that they can get the maximum benefit.

Today ThingTrax recommendation system predicts job completion time, energy consumption, best machines and operator to run a job along with other useful information.

6. Digital Factory

ThingTrax system connects both machines and labour in real-time, so you can instantly check OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and OLE (overall labour efficiency). It can help you identify issues in labour efficiency, exactly when they happen so you can address them quickly. This helps to save valuable resources such as time, money and material.