How IIoT and artificial intelligence will empower operation, production and shift managers?

Oct 17

ThingTrax has been testing Molly, AI-powered Virtual Plant Manager empowering people working on factory shop floor. Molly is capable of doing the majority of shift management tasks autonomously as well as job planning and scheduling with high accuracy.

Example of tasks done by Molly, your AI Assistant: -

  1. Monitor shop floor and analyse data from machines and operators and get shift manager attention to the most critical issues.
  2. Building skills and capability matrix of machines and operators in real time.
  3. Suggestions for operators/staff’s cross-training requirements.
  4. Keep track of job schedule and completion time and take corrective actions when required.
  5. Ensure that routine safety, quality and maintenance checks are completed.
  6. Auto planning and scheduling of jobs taking various constrains in consideration automatically.

For artificial Intelligence to work and empower human beings it is critical that correct and consistent data is captured and analysed.

ThingTrax devices connect with machines and operators carrying wearable sensors, they push this data to our cloud platform where our state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence engine performs its job to give you actionable insights and takes autonomous preventative actions where required.

In our test use case one of the machine stops in factory floor because a tool change is required. Molly (AI assistant), having contextual knowledge from machine sensors combined with our platform, decides that the machine is stopped for a Tool Change. Molly sends a precise notification to the shift manager confirming to update the downtime in the system as tool change, empowering the shift manager to focus more on things that matter whilst recording accurate downtime data.

About ThingTrax

ThingTrax provides an end-to-end industrial IoT solution providing easy to setup devices and simple to use web and mobile software. ThingTrax is the Chromecast for manufacturing machines, bringing desperate disconnected machines online to provide OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), OLE (Overall Labor Efficiency) and Predictive Maintenance which is crucial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for every manufacturer.

Winner of the Interplas Innovation Award – Interplas UK 2017.

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