How ThingTrax simplifies Production Monitoring

Jun 19

One big challenge manufacturing companies are facing in today’s world is to monitor their production process accurately. The majority of the manufacturing companies are still using traditional methods of collecting data of essential parameters, that is asking their employees to record everything manually.

In this era when technology has made advancements by leaps and bounds-asking employees to record the machine’s data is a sad scenario. ThingTrax provides its customers with a complete Production Monitoring solution that digitalizes the entire manufacturing companies. The whole production process is monitored, controlled, and evaluated through our Smart Cloud-based system.

ThingTrax’s System (Hardware + Software)

We offer a plug and play device that is installed directly on to your machinery in less than an hour. This device will show you machines' historical data as well as give you a complete picture of its current health. ThingTrax plug and play device is connected with our software that is entirely Cloud-based.

Online Monitoring System

Cloud-based means that ThingTrax’s software is uploaded to the internet which you can access from anywhere and anytime. You can keep an eye on your company’s performance on the go and can feel relieved that everything is being monitored while you are away. You can view real-time data related to essential parameters of the production process on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Advantages of ThingTrax Production Monitoring System

* Our Production Monitoring System provides your manufacturing company with a complete solution that gives you helpful insight into production planning, labor planning, reducing downtime, and rejections.

* Since ThingTrax provides both hardware and software in one easy to use the system, it eliminates the need to hire expensive consultants for analysis.

* Another benefit is that ThingTrax integrates with any kind of existing systems without having to worry about uptime, scalability, or maintenance.

* Since our entire system is Cloud-based, it does not require a central system or any kind of expensive infrastructure or wiring. The hardware device is quite small and connects to a machine within minutes.

* There is no need for incurring extra costs because everything stays in its place. There is no hassle of making any changes to the production floor or your machinery. ThingTrax can make any machine SMART regardless of its age, size, or type.

* Once our hardware device is installed, it connects automatically to the Cloud/internet through its built-in Wi-Fi. And all the configuration settings are done remotely through our portal.

* It completely eliminates the possibility of errors which is evident in manual data recording.


Our clients have reported a 50% increase in operations productivity levels, 25% lesser equipment maintenance cost.