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Sep 17, By Aman

Machine vision-based solutions monitor and alert to production and safety issues in real-time London, UK, 13 September 2019 – Factory Smart Vision System (FSVS) is a collaboration between manufacturing firm RGE Group (RGE) a trade injection moulder, and ThingTrax, an Industrial IoT company. FSVS has

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Industry 4.0 Solutions Aren’t Just For The Big Guys: How Small To Medium-Sized Manufacturers Can Benefit Too

Imran Shafqat, Co-founder ThingTrax view on digital factory He speaks to the majority of manufacturers and factory owners today and they are all clear that Industry 4.0 solutions are the future of their business. They may not

Nov 06, By Asma

How IIoT and artificial intelligence will empower operation, production and shift managers?

ThingTrax has been testing Molly, AI-powered Virtual Plant Manager empowering people working on factory shop floor. Molly is capable of doing the majority of shift management tasks autonomously as well as job planning and sch

Oct 17, By Asma
Industry 4 0 thingtrax

What is industry 4.0 and how it increases machine efficiency?

The impact of technology on business and productivity has never been greater than in the present times. The advent of cutting edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and robotics has changed the p

Oct 05, By Asma

Plastic Injection Moulder reduces energy cost by 15% by effective monitoring using IIoT

Idle machines in any process costs money, up to 90% of the total costs, which is significant but often ignored by site management. ThingTrax Machine & Energy monitoring solution identifies and alerts on idle running times

Sep 30, By Asma
Blog seed funding thingtrax

ThingTrax completes seed funding round - learning and experience

ThingTrax is a company founded by myself and Imran Shafqat, a friend of mine whom I know from 13 years. Since starting we have progressed onto graduating from an IOT Accelerator as of January 2017. This was new territory for

Sep 22, By Asma
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