Plastic Injection Moulder reduces energy cost by 15% by effective monitoring using IIoT

Sep 30

Idle machines in any process costs money, up to 90% of the total costs, which is significant but often ignored by site management.

ThingTrax Machine & Energy monitoring solution identifies and alerts on idle running times. The solution analyses each machine cycle and adjusts settings to run the job in the most energy efficient manner.

The live energy dashboard shows energy consumption of all injection moulding machines and captures rich data of energy consumed down to each production cycle and learns the consumption pattern based on product, tool and machine. ThingTrax analytics engine automatically finds gaps in processes and identifies areas which can help reduce energy costs. For example, if the machine is idle with no production, but drawing 80% energy, is automatically flagged for the attention of supervisors.

Machine monitoring is also a sensitive indicator of the general condition of a machine. When producing the same product under the same conditions, increasing energy use indicates a need for maintenance. ThingTrax maintenance system keeps track of maintenance history and learns from the maintenance actions take overtime on machines and correlates this with the energy profile of the machine. This not only helps save energy in the long run but also helps increase the life of parts and machine resulting in saving money for moulders.

ThingTrax captured data on Machine, Energy and Maintenance help identify key areas in injection moulding to save energy cost in following areas:

  • Process settings and controls
  • Barrell heating and insulation
  • Getting right machine and process automation
  • Mould design and maintenance.