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London-based ThingTrax raises $1 million seed for smart manufacturing platform

ThingTrax Raises $1m to Build the Autonomous Factories of the Future Using a combination of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial intelligence (AI), ThingTrax is already working with factories across the world to turn them into smart manufacturing hubAmid the COVID-19 crisis, ThingTrax has developed new solutions that enable man

Jun 25, By Asma
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How digitalisation and decentralisation will help manufacturers succeed in a post-COVID-19 world

It has become a cliché to talk about how life has altered, business as unusual or adapting to a new normal, but ultimately that’s what the COVID-19 pandemic has done – completely upended everything we knew and forced every aspect of living to change dramatically. It has forced everyone to look at their structures, patterns, and connections and real

Jun 09, By Asma
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ThingTrax Tablet App is now available!

ThingTrax Tablet App is now available! ThingTrax is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital edition on Android-based tablet devices. ThingTrax is an Industrial IoT company focused on transforming the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled, and serviced. Using AI Platform, we provide companies real-time visibility & analy

Apr 30, By Asma

ThingTrax Factory Smart Vision System has helped Manufacturing Firms reduce Accidents and save Costs

Machine vision-based solutions monitor and alert to production and safety issues in real-time London, UK, 13 September 2019 – Factory Smart Vision System (FSVS) is a collaboration between manufacturing firm RGE Group (RGE) a trade injection moulder, and ThingTrax, an Industrial IoT company. FSVS has recently completed a successful pilot at RGE’s Wh

Sep 17, By Asma
Lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing for your company

Lean manufacturing is a widely practiced approach in many industries that are used for improving the efficiency of a production process by eliminating waste. Lean production emphasizes meeting customers' demand instantaneously with perfect quality. Before lean, mass production was the traditional approach used in manufacturing industries. This appr

Jun 19, By Asma
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Disrupting the way towards Industry 4.0

The following insights were discussed at the IoT build Business Conference in London on November 15th on a panel with ThingTrax Co-Founders Imran Shafqat and Aman Gupta. CHALLENGES FACED BY MANUFACTURERS Many small to medium scale manufacturers, which have grown organically in the past years, have acquired their machines from various vendors and at

Sep 22, By Asma

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