ThingTrax Factory Smart Vision System has helped Manufacturing Firms reduce Accidents and save Costs

Sep 17

Machine vision-based solutions monitor and alert to production and safety issues in real-time

London, UK, 13 September 2019 – Factory Smart Vision System (FSVS) is a collaboration between manufacturing firm RGE Group (RGE) a trade injection moulder, and ThingTrax, an Industrial IoT company. FSVS has recently completed a successful pilot at RGE’s Whittsley site, which has resulted in direct savings and improved health and safety in the factory.

The Factory Smart Vision System (FSVS) is an industrial digital technologies (IDTs) project focused on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a smart, connected factory through the use of machine vision-based solutions that are better able to monitor and alert to production and safety issues in real-time. Using AI to provide firms with real-time visualization of workers and processes using edge computers and cameras, FSVS alerts when needed to enable quick action, saving time and money, preventing costly and dangerous errors.

Example of FSVS in Factory Setting

FSVS technology will help manufacturers to monitor the unmonitored, leading to manufacturing success. Currently, a majority of firms rely on expensive and inefficient field monitoring (humans) or hire expensive consultancy firms to develop bespoke solutions, with high up-front costs and little guarantee of future cost savings. AI works more effectively than humans to improve safety, reduce compliance costs and ensure greater efficiency. AI algorithms can make complex decisions, analyse and present information from multiple sources in ways human operators are not capable. Deep learning-based machine vision software helps to minimize human intervention, providing real-time solutions by distinguishing the acceptable variations in products and the defects in manufacturing industries.

The savings come from through more effective monitoring and utilization of the QC team and reduction in downtime, more effective allocation of operators during the product change, and being better able to identify the right operator for the right job (using the colour of their jacket) – resulting in productivity gains every day. Using this technology, manufacturing companies can target up to an 8% decrease in direct labour cost, a 25% decrease in labour management costs and up to a 16% increase in efficiency due to effective monitoring and insights provided by ThingTrax’s system.

The manufacturing industry is particularly susceptible to workplace accidents, machinery problems, and other issues that impact productivity. The total impact of health and safety failings on economic cost in 2016/17 was estimated at 1.1 billion in the manufacturing sector. Out of this, £580m is due to injury. Manufacturing businesses may have vastly different operational practices and unique safety risks, meaning mitigation and prevention approaches have to be adaptable and flexible to each businesses’ requirements. In particular, the manufacturing industry has to prioritise safety whilst also maximising productivity in order to be a viable business.

Hennik Research’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2019 noted that 81% of UK manufacturers are ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity. FSVS is a plug-and-play approach, utilising existing surveillance systems (where possible), to easily adapt to different set-ups and requirements, allowing for a more cost-effective and easier-to-implement system. Using AI, FSVS can recognise and alert to a variety of factory set-ups, resulting in a bespoke system, without all of the up-front fees. The result is cost-effective to run and provides significant cost savings to the user.

Through the use of this technology, manufacturers will be able to get warnings before an accident is about to happen, thus alerting the team involved on time. The data gathered through this technique can simulate skills matrix of employees, enabling management to deploy the right resource to the right job, avoiding accidents and injuries. This is especially useful, given that manufacturing has a higher rate of fatal injury (around 1.5x the average rate across all industries, according to HSE). Traditional approaches to manually monitoring factory shop floors and manual reporting and tracking are costly and impractical, so innovations in this area are greatly needed across the sector. ThingTrax’s piloted AI solution indicates a reduced risk of HSE incidents and compliance failings by up to 90% through the use of effective live monitoring, reporting and trackable action recording.

ThingTrax is an innovative firm focusing on end-to-end industrial IoT solutions, bringing Industry 4.0 to firms without upfront costs. Focused on transforming the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled and serviced, by Machine Monitoring Systems. ThingTrax has several years of experience in running technology projects using Agile methodologies and has a clear product backlog defined with prioritised features.

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