ThingTrax- The professional choice for your Machine Monitoring needs

Jun 19

ThingTrax is an industry 4.0 solution has transformed the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled and serviced. ThingTrax provides a Cloud-based Machine Monitoring Solution that remotely tracks all of your machines critical parameters such as power consumption, temperature, motor sound and humidity. You can view the operational performance in real-time on your mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world.

Operational Excellence

Manufacturing companies around the globe are achieving operational excellence by adapting ThingTrax’s Machine Monitoring Solution. ThingTrax, unlike other digitalization solutions, is an affordable option for medium and small enterprises. Many large-scale companies have already benefitted from using ThingTrax and have reported a 50% increase in operations productivity along with a 70% decrease in maintenance costs.

Return on Investment

Companies often have to spend a significant amount of money when their machinery breaks down or needs repairing as they cannot foresee the damage that is about to happen. But our solution provides you with considerable insight into your machine's productivity allowing you to foresee if something is about to go wrong. Hence you are able to take proactive measures to prevent losses and reduces downtime considerably.

Our solution helps in supporting compliance goals by prompt reporting and analysis of the plant’s efficiency. It not only achieves a full return on investment in a couple of months but also helps identify annual saving opportunities.

Three Types of Monitoring

Thingtrax is a complete solution to digitalize your company and come at par with the industry. We provide a plug and play hardware device that is installed directly onto the machinery in less than an hour while the software can be downloaded on any device of your choice. The data is collected from your machinery by three different types of monitoring:

Smart Machine Monitoring: The Industry-standard monitoring device collects data from machine PLC’s.

Smart Condition Monitoring: The fine-tuned sensors of the plug and play device collect data on different types of machines and motors that are operational in your company.

Smart Asset Monitoring: We provide smart ID cards to your employees that connect with various factory machines and track operator movements.

All the data collected from monitoring is sent to the Smart Cloud which is accessible from your mobile, laptop or tablet. The Smart Cloud is connected to a dashboard which has built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Significant amounts of data are interpreted, analysed and translated into a simple form which can be understood by factory managers.

The personalized dashboard captures information from the Smart Cloud and displays it in the form of insight into factory health in real-time